• What is the GroundUP!40 Mileage Warranty Plan 40K?

    GroundSpeed Ground Up 40K Warranty

    The GroundUp Mileage & Road Hazard Limited Warranty Plan comes in 40K. The majority of our tires are covered for up to 50,000 miles or up to 2/32ā€ of usable tread life remaining. GroundSpeed Limited Warranty brochure

  • What is the GroundUP!50 Warranty Mileage Plan 50K?

    GroundSpeed Ground Up 50K Warranty

    The GroundUP!50 is our 50K Mileage & Road Hazard Limited Warranty Plan for specific tires that are covered up to 50,000 miles or up to 2/32ā€ of usable tread life remaining. GroundSpeed Limited Warranty brochure

  • What is Road Hazard Coverage?

    GroundSpeed Road Hazard Coverage

    This road hazard program is offered for select GroundSpeed tread patterns
    (listed in the summary of limited tire warranty chart) for non-repairable tread damage (based on RMA guidelines) with limitations detailed in the GroundSpeed Limited Warranty brochure.

  • What is 3-Ply Sidewall Puncture Guard?

    GroundSpeed 3-PLY Punctury Guard

    Three tough built-in layers of polyester cord fabric and angled high-strength steel belts on the sidewall of some light truck tires, guard against rocks and sharp debris. This is construction is found most M/T and R/T tires.

  • What is Pattern Block Design?

    The five-block horizontal tread is specifically designed to evacuate water, reduce noise, and increase traction on a variety of road terrains.

  • What is a Stabilized Shoulder?

    Stabilized shoulder blocks are designed with handling in mind, delivering on stability and confidence in high-performance driving.

  • What is GX Silica Compound?

    Our V3 Silica Compound accomplishes three goals: High Traction, increased fuel economy, and a comfortable ride.

  • What is 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF)?

    GroundSpeed Tires Severe Snow Rated

    The three-peak mountain snowflake symbol is found on the sidewalls of the Voyager AT & MT, which have been thoroughly tested and meet industry requirements to perform in severe snow conditions. Only tires with this symbol have received this type of certification.

  • What is an Asymmetrical Pattern Design?

    Our engineers have combined dry grip and rapid water dispersal technology by creating a larger surface contact area with the road. For cornering stability, we designed larger tread blocks on the outside edge of the tire. This Asymmetrical Tread Pattern ensures consistent tire wear.

  • What is VO-R Compound?

    GroundSpeed Tires VO-R Compound

    A formulated compound engineered to maximize tire traction and increase wear resistance in off-road conditions.

  • What are Wide Grooves?

    Four-wide grooves on a directional tire that channel water away from the tire, minimize road noise, and provide for more road traction.

  • What is a Solid Center Tread?

    The solid center tread design ensures straight-line stability for long highway driving with less rolling resistance, additional traction, and maximum fuel economy.

  • What are T, H, & V Speed Ratings?

    T=118MPH, H=130MPH, V=149MPH These speed ratings indicate the optimal speed that the tire can safely maintain over time. Each letter represents a maximum speed. Note: Speed ratings only apply to tires that have NOT been damaged, altered, under-inflated, or overloaded even after being repaired.

  • What are 3D Shoulder Grooves?

    3D Shoulder Grooves are engineered to keep road noise down and give you a quiet comfortable ride

  • What are Three-Wide Vertical Grooves?

    Water is evacuated by Three-Wide Long Grooves to improve driving performance in wet conditions; these grooves also enhance traction to prevent hydroplaning.

  • What is MUD + SNOW Rated?

    GroundSpeed Mud Snow

    The Mud + Snow feature means that our tires have been approved for use in both mud and snow conditions by the Rubber Manufacturer's Association. The GroundSpeed ā€œM+Sā€ symbol is located on the sidewall of our tires.

  • Trail + OHV Ready?

    Off-highway travel during winter or summer with a four-wheel-drive truck or SUV.