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GroundSpeed offers a range of passenger tires that benefit from the same stringent standards utilized for designing aircraft tires. Whether it’s an All-Season, UHP or Performance tire, we have balanced safety with comfort, ensuring that the tires you choose maximize the performance of your vehicle and provide a quality journey — from A to B, or on a road trip.

With maximum safety in mind, we have used the most stringent standards adopted at our Smart 4.0 factory – where our aircraft tires are manufactured – and applied them to our on-road passenger tires. You can drive comfortably knowing that the tires you drive on have been manufactured with your safety and the highest quality in mind.

Passenger tire facts


UHP tires are designed and engineered to enhance tire traction, cornering and handling, while dissipating heat, especially at high speeds.


Low rolling resistance in tires means lower fuel consumption for drivers. Many consumer studies on this topic offer comparisons & real data.


GT, Performance-Touring, or Grand-Touring tires are designed to perform in a variety of road conditions, wet or dry, unlike standard tires.


Most performance vehicles come with UHP tires from the manufacturer & should be replaced with UHP tires, to maintain the vehicle’s performance and handling.