Groundspeed Tires


What do aircraft tire manufacturing standards have to do with GroundSpeed TBR tires? Everything.

What does aircraft tire manufacturing have in common with Groundspeed Tires? Everything.

Bringing you the same hyper-focused quality used to manufacture aircraft tires, GroundSpeed now completes its product lineup to include commercial tires. From commercial airline runways to regional hauls, our commitment to quality remains the same. All of our tires are made in Sentury’s Smart 4.0 factory so we can continue to deliver on our promise of exceptional quality in this new line.

Please review the following commerical tire facts for your information:

#1 TBR tires are rotated at 25% throughout the life of the tires.
#2 The average lifespan of commercial truck tires (TBR) is 3-6 years.
#3 The Federal Government requires a minimum tread depth: for commercial vehicles it's 4/32 of an inch on steer tires, and 2/32 of an inch on all other positions.
#4 The average commercial truck tire weighs 110 lbs.
#5 With Commercial truck tires, the thinner the tread, the harder it is to stop.
#6 Commercial truck tires are the No. 1 maintenance cost behind fuel for trucking fleets.