Who makes Groundspeed Tires?

Groundspeed Tires are manufactured by Sentury Tire USA, a company founded by a man who was so inspired by his acres of rubber trees, and the possibilities of technology, that he combined these passions into a revolutionary tire company. Sentury Tire got its start manufacturing aircraft tires, so precise engineering and strict quality control are part of the DNA of Sentury’s tire brands, including Groundspeed Tires, which are known for their quality and construction.

Where are Groundspeed Tires made?

Groundspeed Tires are made in Sentury Tire’s 4.0 “Smart” Factory, a highly sought-after accreditation only reserved for factories that measure up to strict standards of sustainability, productivity, production and time to market. Groundspeed tires are manufactured in factories currently located in Thailand and China, with a third factory currently being built in Spain. Groundspeed Tires are distributed in the United States via Sentury Tire USA, which is based in Florida.

Are Groundspeed Tires Good Quality?

Being made by a company that started as an aircraft tire manufacturer, which are some of the most well-constructed, strictly quality tested tires in the world, Groundspeed Tires are by nature good quality tires. Groundspeed’s commitment is to bring Quality From the Ground Up to every tire they make, from Passenger, to Light Truck, and Commercial (TBR) tires. Starting with their own raw materials, Groundspeed tires are meticulously designed, engineered, constructed, and quality tested to make sure that each tire meets the high standards set from the company’s inception.

The Smart factory where Groundspeed tires are manufactured features Machine Vision Technology software, which uses x-ray imaging analysis of the tires for quality control and to reduce human error and enhance safety. Due to their strict, meticulous management, Groundspeed’s parent company has obtained ISO certification at all levels (The ISO is an international organization made of national standards bodies and representatives from various national standards organizations, which develops and publishes proprietary, industrial and commercial standards.)

Groundspeed’s commitment to quality ensures that driving with Groundspeed tires means driving with confidence backed by sustainability, innovation, and strict quality control measures that keep you safe on the road.

Take a look at Groundspeed’s Range of Tires:

Light Truck
Commercial (TBR)

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