Hialeah, FL, November 1, 2023: GroundSpeed TBR will showcase four new commercial tire models at SEMA 2023 that cater to various trucking needs and applications.

“We’re excited to be adding to our commercial tire line-up to meet the growing demand for variety,” said Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President of Sentury Tire. “Our TBR line-up now includes additional Long-Haul and Mixed Service tires, providing further options for our partners.”

The GSVS03 is an Open-Shoulder Regional tire designed for optimal performance, and long, even wear. This tire features GroundSpeed’s STF3 Tread Compound, which is specially formulated for optimal wear performance and tear resistance.

The GSVX01 Mixed-Service Drive tire is built for on/off road durability, reduced cut/chip, and excellent operating stability. This tire also features GroundSpeed’s STF3 Tread Compound for wear performance, and tear resistance.

The GSZX01 All-Position Mixed Service Wide tire was engineered for ultimate durability, and features GroundSpeed’s STF4 tread compound, which is cut/chip resistant and gives this tire outstanding wear. The GSZX01 offers excellent stability, wear and cut/chip resistance, outstanding traction, and fuel economy.

The GSZX03 All-Position Mixed Service tire features GroundSpeed’s STF4 Tread compound for enhanced durability and wear, and was built for excellent performance and traction in dry, wet and muddy conditions. The GSZX03 provides good operating stability, long and even tread wear, and reduced rolling resistance.
These four new models were designed and engineered to provide exceptional performance and reliability for the varied needs of commercial trucks and operators, with innovative tread compounds that ensure optimized wear performance and fuel economy.

Find out more about GroundSpeed TBR’s new and existing tires by downloading the catalog and new tire images at: GroundSpeed TBR 2023

Visit or stop by and see the new tires at Sentury Tires’ Booth #44071!