LAS VEGAS - GroundSpeed Tires is set to debut their rebrand and new TBR product lineup on November 1, 2021.

GroundSpeed Tires’ updated, cutting-edge look is amplified by its signature orange color alongside a new, sophisticated neutral palette. Its main messaging: Hyper-Focused, encompasses the company’s 2022 goal of taking quality to the next level and offering a strong brand experience for consumers and partners alike.

The new website, includes a user interface specifically designed for mobile use, making the tire search intuitive for both desktop and mobile device users. When searching for a tire, the user can search by category, vehicle make or size. Selections for vehicle categories such as commercial, light truck or passenger are also optimized for mobile devices. “Our goal was to create an easy tire search experience,” said Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President. “Inspired by our tagline: Quality from the ground up, we have enhanced our online visual and user experience to make it more enjoyable. And of course, we continue to produce the highest quality tires possible with a 4.0 Smart Factory status.”

This highly sought-after 4.0 Smart Factory accreditation is reserved for factories that measure up to strict sustainability standards, productivity, production, and time to market – or in other words — “intelligent manufacturing.” Featuring six independent automation lines with monorail systems, Machine Visual Technology (MVT) software for automating x-ray imaging analysis, and (VMI) Maxx technology for radial passenger tire building, these automations ensure factories are operating at their maximum potential for quality output, while also maintaining competitive safety and sustainability standards.

A new brand identity, website, marketing collateral, and advertising will be launched online and in print trade publications. GroundSpeed will also showcase its latest products at the Sentury Tire USA SEMA Booth #45071.

GroundSpeed products include a full line of all-season tires for passenger cars, ultra-high performance vehicles, SUVs, and CUVs. GroundSpeed offers a complete line of H/T, A/T, and M/T products for light trucks and off-road vehicles.